Malawi memories

This is our last post on Malawi for a bit, as we have now crossed into Tanzania (this also explains the slight change to the blog title!) and are waiting for a train to Dar es Salaam.  We’re not waiting for a train in an hour, or maybe later this afternoon but the next one which is on Wednesday (we have been waiting since Friday).  The whole train thing is for a different post I think.  

Anyway back to Malawi and we will be back to that amazing country, that is quite rightly known as the Warm Heart of Africa, soon enough. In a way to say goodbye we thought we’d give you a few of our highlights from the last two months.

  • The mini paradise that is the Zulunkhuni River Lodge and the stone house cabin. Waking up every morning to sunrise over the lake was heaven.
  • Chilling, chatting and laying on the mats under the trees in the shade from the midday sun outside Anderson’s house in Chikwawa.
  • As culmination to our lessons on nutrition to the youth group in Chikwawa, asking them to do a play on what they have learnt and watching one teenager play ‘grandad’, with stick and white hair.  We cried with laughter.
  • On our travels hearing that witches are real and that it’s just that ‘she’s not one of them though’
  • Being owed change for park fees by a park ranger and assuming we would not see the money and being stopped by the ranger (now in civvies) on the beach and being handed our change later that day. The legendary Malawian honesty lives on.
  • Hearing the wonderfully dry witted and funny Loveness suggesting she wasn’t sleeping…she was planking!
  • The unparalleled feeling of utter joy when you hear the fan start its low hum which means the electricity has been turned on after days of it being off.
  • The cute but crazy monkey at Maji Zuwa that became so attached to Lily he wouldn’t let go and would run to her when scared.
  • Kids…tiny baby goats the size of kittens and just as cute, and giant baobab trees the size of a block of flats.
  • Seeing a real life, proper, actual elephant and feeling stunned and privileged to have done so.  Then feeling so angry that they are endangered wanting to get a gun and hunt the hunters of these majestic creatures. 
  • Wood fire cooking in Chikwawa and Ruarwe.  How do you turn the temperature down?  You pull a log away of course! It’s a real art and so, so, enjoyable.
  • Flushing toilets after weeks of craving them.
  • And all of your generosity and kindness in helping us hit our fund raising target for DIN. Thank you all once again.

We have shared lots of photos via the blog, Facebook or Twitter.  Here is a selection of the more light-hearted ones.



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